The Lookout
Design & Layout

The Lookout was made by the Hype Collective after creating the Student Watch - a student specific branch of the Neighbourhood Watch. It was written by students for students to encourage them to think about their safety and community.

I created the branding and design of the Lookout and the Student Watch. And to date over 120k magazines have been handed out and we are in the process of designing issue 4.


Branding & Social Graphics
Design & Layout

Branding and initial social assets created for a fun new wine tasting game aimed at women who want to learn more about wine. I used bright colours, with bold shapes and patterns to create a fun identity that the team were able to play with themselves across different formats.


Various Retail Design Guides
Design & Layout

Made whilst working for Rawls & Co, these design guides were made for brands to use as a manual for their retail interior design, to give a vision for the street or retail centre and to set design standards that the brands should follow. Each guide was designed to reflect the style of the retail asset it was representing. I also created any appropriate diagrams and illustrations that were needed to demonstrate any architectural or design points that needed to be communicated to the retailer.


Hype Collective x Lovehoney
Freshers Tour
Illustration & Experiential Design

The aim of this experiential design was to raise the profile of the Lovhoney brand at Fresher’s Fairs across the country, and to make students laugh.

This was done by creating a timed “Where’s Wally” style illustration game to get students to guess sexual innuendos, and have fun interacting with the brand.


Various White Papers
Layout & Graphs

Made whilst working for Hard Numbers, a B2B PR Agency, for a selection of their clients.


Digital Image & Animation

Image created for International Women’s Day to accompany research they had done about the stereotypical people we expect to be entrepreneurs. The image was then animated for social media.

Design & Illustration

Various wine label concepts designed for an innovation project to crreate bright and striking wine labels for a selection of entry level wines.

The Bulletin Label was chosen to be used and was sold across selected Mitchell & Butler pubs andrestaurants. The label was printed on Rustique Blanc paper stock with debossing on the “The Bulletin” typography.

Artworking of Illustrations & Icon Creation

Adapted open source illustrations from UnDraw to create a set of images that add interest to their website and also demonstrate their AI conversational technology, both in the travel and post purchase sectors. I also created a set of icons to fit with this theme.